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Three Days on the Lower Zambezi is a wildlife photography book with a difference. It tells the tale of three companions who found themselves in Zambia to work on a humanitarian project and on their 'way back home' stopped off in the Lower Zambezi National Park for three days for an informal photo safari. Of three companions, two were on their first trip to the African bush, one a skilled enthusiast photographer, the other a beginner. The third companion was a professional photographer but have never worked on wildlife photography.

The book provides lots of information for non expert photographers who might take a similar journey (and encourages them to do so). The book was never planned, suggested as an idea only once the party had returned to Europe. From its pages, the spirit of of a relaxed free will and serendipity of chance emerge.

About the book

Telling the soul of Africa by writing and describing the atmospheres, the light, the images color and the meaning of life itself. This is what happened to three citizens of the world, Trieste photographer Gabriele Crozzoli, the manager and enthusiast of shots, the Englishman Anthony J. Bradshaw and his daughter Nicole Martina Bradshaw, on a trip on the banks of the Zambezi. A book, Three days on the lower Zambezi, which was not part of the close-knit programs trio linked by a strong friendship and complicity, "natural compatibility", as they like to emphasize the authors, who arrived in Zambia to continue and reorganize a project humanitarian, but that in three days of photo safari they got to collect one large quantity of high quality material: a rich sequence of shots that had to be enhanced.

From the collaboration of the three photographers, a work with unique connotations was born, a mixture of images, news and information for those who want to undertake the same journey, or dream of to do it. In an emergency like this, when the world and the projects of holidays seem blocked or at least limited indefinitely due to the emergency health, why not make the most of what can be found in the midst of nature, by being reborn the desire to retrace those slopes, when you can finally return to enjoy the beautiful images that only the visit to some places can offer? This is what they have thought the three authors who, thanks to the synergy and collaboration with the Venetian publisher Fabio Brussi of Edizioni Antilia, have created a special work, with a strong emotional impact beyond that visual, a very particular African dream.

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Three days on the lower Zambesi is the result of the work of three photographer friends who have lived unforgettable moments in Africa, and which in addition to the images and their description reports also some travel notes, in a real vademecum, to indicate, to whom will want to undertake the same trip, which itineraries to follow and what precautions to take to live at better a truly unique experience, in a land, Zambia, extraordinarily beautiful as it is wild, where 71 tribes live and 72 different dialects are spoken.

“Those lived together - underline the authors - are unique emotions and sensations that we wanted to share with those who love these places and with those who perhaps one day plan to be there to go. Of this experience we carry in our eyes and hearts the memory of what is shared, the adventures lived together, sometimes in very particular conditions; like when we found ourselves, on the internal flight from Jeki to Lusaka, on an airplane piloted by an Irishman who if he was sitting on a makeshift seat, supported by two pieces of wood, taking off from one dirt track, just cleared of shrubs. Once on the river the spectacle that took place presented to our eyes it was breathtaking: crocodiles, hippos, elephants and buffaloes that suddenly appeared like in a video game. The light varied continuously, however to which we had to be ready to take the right moment for the perfect shot. One of the aspects more details of the book is to read in each photo also other representations, other aspects and other details that tell what has been experienced on different levels: impressions in impressions ". "The three-day formula is definitely spot on: I think we will use it for other projects again" concludes Anthony J. Bradshaw, creator of the project.

About the Publisher


Edizioni Antilia was founded in 1996 with the intention of publishing works of the history, art and culture of Venice, including these topics in a wider national context. This purpose still characterizes the editorial program, without, however, setting any limits.

The freedom from the constraints and dependencies that exist with the major editorial houses and that come from market trends has allowed the company to carve out its own dimension and work area, whilst keeping the ability to safeguard its own identity and product quality.

In addition to the works included in the catalog, which collects the production destined for trade and non-profit publications, conference deeds, books and printed matter for Bodies, Associations, Credit Institutions, Public Administrations are all published on commission. For information on volumes without price indication, please contact the Publisher.

Who contributed to this beautiful photo book?

Antony J. Bradshaw

Anthony (Tony) J. Bradshaw


Anthony (Tony) J. Bradshaw runs a leading international insurance company in the Benelux region. He has already published the photographic book Trieste Inconsueta in 2019. He has exhibited his work several times. He uses Nikon (and at Fujifilm times), and is a relative newcomer, having started photography about 5 years ago. In these times of lock-down COVID measures, he is working on his macro and micro photography.

Nicole Martina Bradshaw

Nicole Martina Bradshaw


Nicole Martina Bradshaw is the youngest and least experienced of the three photographers, but - in our view - many of the best images in the book are hers. She uses Nikon, but also captured the video footage during our time in Zambia. Back from some months in Australia, she is preparing for a second university degree to be started in the Autumn (2020).

Gabriele Crozzoli

Gabriele Crozzoli


Gabriele Crozzoli began his career as a photographer in the early 1980s. His photographs have been exhibited in many public and private collections. He has published more than 20 books, among the last ones for Edizioni Antilia: Italy of rowing, Trieste, city of coffee, Cison di Valmarino - be enchanted, Zambia building a better future.

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