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Life always has the best stories

Japan was where Tony and Gabriele met some years ago on a work trip that Gabriele was covering as the official photographer. A random event is some senses. Tony was a beginner and took a camera and a mostly totally inadequate lens selection, but what was lacking in skill and experience was in part compensated by a genuine enthusiasm and willingness to study and to put in the so-called 'hard hours', and learn.

When you become a parent you start a 25-year or so project to guide a new person to their future and to help them realise themselves (a phrase more profound in the new latin languages than in English). So, as so often happens, when a young adult is at a crossroads it can help to throw them in at the deep end to something new. Inviting Nicole to Ndola to see the people there and the conditions in which they live, but more importantly how they face life and its constant travails was an experience from father to daughter too good to miss.

So two middle-aged guys of good to expert competence in photography (but with no wildlife experience), and a rookie. One Englishman, one Italian, and one half and half young lady in a lodge with no locks on the bedroom doors, hippos and crocodiles a few metres away, enjoying the proximity of potential lethal fun, and battery chargers and hard drives for nightly back-ups.

Three days, three friends on a jeep, enjoying each others company and focused on taking photos... with the edginess that all beginners in this world feel, that is, getting within 2 to 3 seconds charging distance of animals that could do you a lot of harm.

We had lunch one day on a sandbank in the middle of the river. There was a group of well-heeled north American travellers as intent on the culinary experience as the setting. They had cameras of varying sophistication and I dare say some of them could use them. But without the focus and the serendipity that life has in store, I don't imagine their time together produced an experience such as Three Days.

"The picture is not going to find you.
You have to go out to take it. "


Meet the Team

Anthony (Tony) J. Bradshaw

Anthony (Tony) J. Bradshaw runs a leading international insurance company in the Benelux region. He has already published the photographic book Trieste Inconsueta in 2019. He has exhibited his work several times. He uses Nikon (and at Fujifilm times), and is a relative newcomer, having started photography about 5 years ago. In these times of lock-down COVID measures, he is working on his macro and micro photography.


Nicole Martina Bradshaw

Nicole Martina Bradshaw is the youngest and least experienced of the three photographers, but - in our view - many of the best images in the book are hers. She uses Nikon, but also captured the video footage during our time in Zambia. Back from some months in Australia, she is preparing for a second university degree to be started in the Autumn (2020).


Gabriele Crozzoli

Gabriele Crozzoli began his career as a photographer in the early 1980s. His photographs have been exhibited in many public and private collections. He has published more than 20 books, among the last ones for Edizioni Antilia: Italy of rowing, Trieste, city of coffee, Cison di Valmarino - be enchanted, Zambia building a better future.

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